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    Default don't buy an Acer chromebook - screen is incredibly delicate

    Purchased acer chromebook on friday - caught plane on Monday - 25 min commuter hop with chromebook in handluggage. Not a crowded flight, own luggage locker - get to hotel - chromebook has shattered screen. Contact Acer - they're totally disinterested. My previous Samsung chromebook lasted for just over a year of solid travel. So - very unhappy.
    Never going with Acer again....
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    Default Re: don't buy an Acer chromebook - screen is incredibly delicate

    Welcome to the forums.
    Thanks for sharing the experience. Total bummer though. I would be nice if companies started showing some interest in actually caring.
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    Default Re: don't buy an Acer chromebook - screen is incredibly delicate

    I will say that this is very true. My Chromebook was "lightly" stepped on and some of the pixels died (there was a blanket on top of it). Then I dropped it and half the screen was destroyed. I get that these are human errors, but even if you squeeze the screen, it starts to break. I had to pay $45 to have the screen replaced.

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