I have seen several very old (>6 months) threads where people were saying they had problems with their power button.

I have probably had my a100 for a year or so and this morning after charging my tablet I turned it on. It went to sleep and when I tried to turn back on it wouldn't. I ended up resetting (reset button) and when it booted (a) the screen rotation wouldn't respond (yes, I checked the flip-switch) and (b)the next time it slept the power button (again) wouldn't wake it up.

Has anyone been able to tell if this is a manufacture's issue with the a100's? It has been working fine for me until this morning and I have no idea why this is suddenly happening. I have my tablet in a case and I didn't drop it, but it is like none of those buttons up around the power button work anymore...

Edit: Sound/volume ALSO isn't working.