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    Default Root on ICS

    How do you root your Iconia when its already on ICS?

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    Default Re: Root on ICS

    Well, you can go over to xda-developers and try a couple of the tools there. But remember, root access and /system RW are two different things.

    The best bet, is to change bootloaders to the custom unlocked version written by Skrilax_CZ. Not only does this have the security removed, but also allows fastboot commands, dual kernel boot, and the ability to change your bootloader image. Then it's a matter of installing CWM, and flashing one of the insecure kernels. Install SU from the market, and you're set. BusyBox is not necessary, but it's good to have installed.

    If you just want to root, then Zero-nulls app should work for you. Should.....
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    Default Re: Root on ICS

    Quote Originally Posted by Chillidog66 View Post
    How do you root your Iconia when its already on ICS?

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    I rooted ICS from XDA-Forum, I forget which method I used but it was painless & I know have full control & love it!

    Here is A500 Method How to Root the Acer Iconia A500 Tablet

    Hope that helps

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