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    Default ACER A500 SDCard/Internal Storage Problem ICS (Storage Low)

    I have the ACER A500 and I noticed that I was running out of space, so I deleted apps cleared out cache and it wasn't making a difference. Finally I started adding up the values from the different groups such as apps, photos, music and others and it didn't add up. There is a know problem that GPS writes out text files and they build up in the directory /data/gps. Acer has a fix listed in their forums but I could not get the to work for me and was getting the same problems as others in the thread, to go to the community website for this issue.

    I finally rooted my tablet and installed Superuser and Terminal software so I could manually delete these files.

    $ su
    # cd /data/gps
    # rm gl-*.txt

    It was able to regain about 8 gigs of space.

    I am going to monitor the ACER site to see if they get the file working correctly.

    Hopefully others will find this helpful.
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    Default Re: ACER A500 SDCard/Internal Storage Problem ICS (Storage Low)

    same problem with phantom data use but i have no data/GPS folder at all...

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