My Iconia A500 running "KJY2010_3.2.1_Honeylicious_Flash_Glass" has, after a couple of years of almost faultless operation, ocassionally started acting weirdly.
Without performing any recent updates, I've noticed when typing an e-mail (in my Yahoo account) within Firefox, the input text has started to be displayed backwards i.e. I type "The bridge" and the charaters are shown as "egdirb ehT". Sometimes the problem doesn't happen, sometimes it does, and it might be that it only starts after I've been editing or correcting something, can't say for certain as it's not a regular ocurrence.
Tried updating Firefox but it still occurs. Once it starts doing it I have to reboot, I haven't tried FC & restart of FF but will next time.
I haven't noticed it happening with Dolphin or stock browser (yet) both of which I'm now trying - although I would much prefer to stick with Firefox.
Anyone had a similar problem?