Hello all!

I googled this and found a few. And found a few posts about it but they are all pretty old. Just wanted to see if there are any new technology out there for this. I'm looking for a Bluetooth to aux. But I'm not going to use it in my car. Well I might but not all the time. I work construction and I've been looking for a Bluetooth speaker to listen to music from my phone at work. But as you know they are not cheap. And I'm a little worried about destroying it. So I had a thought. I have a dewalt job radio that has a aux in. Why not just fine a Bluetooth that hooks right up to the radio. If you're wondering why not hook right up to the radio. It's because I like having the phone on me when I get a call or a text rather than have to go and see how it was every time it goes off.

Thanks for your comments!