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01-16-2013 04:48 PM
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    Default Boosting wifi reception in the kindle fire HD 7"

    I have enjoyed my kindle fire HD so far. I would LOVE to stop lugging my lap top around and just use my kindle fire.

    however I often use it on the go and at work, where I rely on a city wide wifi signal. (xfinity)
    Reception of that signal in my workplace is tough, my lap top can do it , but the kindle
    doesn't like to stay connected and or gets a very poor signal.

    I can't change the output of the wifi signal at its source, obviously.

    Is there any app, device or something in rooting the device that would help me put more power or
    something into the wifi reception that would enhance it?

    I thought I had read about something like that briefly in search of another issue, but can't seem to relocate it via google.

    just thought I'd ask on the off chance someone had any ideas.

    Thanks in advance!

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