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    Default unable to view some mp4 files

    I have the 16GB kindle fire HD, I tried to pop some movies onto the thing , one works one doesn't. Both files appear in the "personal video" folder and not the "movies folder" where i dragged them to. Neither appears in the carousel. What have i done wrong.

    Both these files work on my PC and as stand alone DVD;s
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    Default Re: unable to view some mp4 files

    What player are you using? I use the VLC app --so far plays anything I have tried.

    My movies (transferred from my PC) are in the Movies folder where I put them.
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    Default Re: unable to view some mp4 files

    I wrongly assumed that they would be played directly by the device. I can see them in the " movies" folder when connected to the pc but with kindle in hand had to go to "device/storage/personal videos"
    tp fiond them, is this right
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    Default Re: unable to view some mp4 files

    As I said my movies are "in hand" in the Movies folder, which is where I dragged and dropped them to from PC. To access I use ES File Explorer app from which I open "Movies" folder.
    I then select film to play and select "open with" VLC. Then plays (from start or last viewed).
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    Default Re: unable to view some mp4 files

    ok many thanks
    I tired a different movie again this worked, tI am having trubs with "One night in dublin- gary moore"
    FLatly refuse to playon kindle, i will try the vlc and see

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