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    Default Kindle fire hd 8.9 help

    OK so I may have screwed up but I'm not sure. . Just got the Kindle for my bday and read it was a good idea to download es file Explorer so that I could organize my photos.. After doing said organizing I went into my photo tab and theres nothing there! For a brief moment my folders were up but when i went to look at them they all disappeared! :/ I'm not sure how to get them back into the photo tab instead of opening the Explorer every time I want to look at my pics. I hope this makes since because I'm lost. . All thanks to my ocd in organization and reading about this app being so great, I've managed to mess up somewhere. . Hope someone can help!!

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    Default Re: Kindle fire hd 8.9 help

    Never mind! I believe I solved the problem!

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    Default Re: Kindle fire hd 8.9 help

    Can you share how you solved it?

    I was going to recommend clearing the cache of the photo viewing app...

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    Default Re: Kindle fire hd 8.9 help

    Well after I put all of the photos and videos in folders I dropped them all back into the original bluetooth folder (I used bluetooth to put all the pics on my Kindle to begin with) then I just put the bluetooth folder into the dcim folder n now they are all still sorted and in the Kindle photo tab hope that helps. . If that doesn't work try putting them into the Kindle folder. .I did both. .Just incase one didn't work but it did for me

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