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    Default Crossword Puzzle Apps

    I'm looking to buy a Fire for my mom, who's a crossword fanatic. Is anyone here using any of the crossword apps on their Fire?

    How's the performance and usability?
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    Default Re: Crossword Puzzle Apps

    I'm pretty sure I would fall in the "crossword fanatic" category. There's a handful of them available, most for free, but there is one in-particular that stands out.

    Having tried them all, my favorite by far, over the paid-app Crosswords, is the free Crossword Lite. It comes with four sets of 50 puzzles for a total of 200. The individual sets are displayed on the very first page and informs you how many have been started (and not) as well as completion.

    For usability and functionality, you can use portrait for a full screen puzzle or landscape if you prefer seeing the list (to the right). There is no difficulty setting to choose from, greatly diversifying the puzzles. Under options, you also receive a clue list, the ability to check answers (You have X correct words, there are X left to solve, X are wrong - show errors?), as well as a means of cheating when stumped (reveal answers).

    Performance-wise, all of them I tried have been flawless on the Fire.

    There are also tons of other mentally-challenging games available. She will love her Fire!
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    Default Re: Crossword Puzzle Apps

    I've done some additional looking, and it seems like Shortyz is a great Android crossword puzzle app, it automatically downloads daily and weekly puzzles.

    And you can download the APK directly:

    Shortyz - KdotN

    and then sideload it onto the Fire:

    Sideload Android Apps on a Kindle Fire

    I'm sure there are sideloading instructions here on the forum as well if a mod wants to replace my link with an AC link.

    I'll probably pick one up and give it a shot to see if I can get it loaded.
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    Default Re: Crossword Puzzle Apps

    Well, I can report that the Shortyz app works great on the Fire. I snagged a returned unit today for a nice discount, and I'm playing around with it now. Easy enough to download APKs and install them.
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    Default Re: Crossword Puzzle Apps

    Yep, there is a great crossword game for Kinlde Fire and other Android devices.

    Scramble Words Puzzle
    Though it's not free on Amazon Amazon.com: Scramble Words Puzzle: Appstore for Android

    But you can download the new free version of the game from Google Play. It works on Kindle Fire quite well:

    Take a look at screens
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    Default Re: Crossword Puzzle Apps

    That link is no longer valid
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    Default Re: Crossword Puzzle Apps

    try this


    Combines boggle + scrabble + bejeweled + connect four

    WORD PUSH - Here is the Kindle Fire Market Link


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