Okay so I got my replacement kindle since my original one had trouble charging.

I managed (after almost 90 minutes of attempting) go get the old one to charge one last time.

I then rooted it, (twrp) and did a full backup.

I then reasoned I could restore that backup on my replacement kindle and get everything back.

It seemed to work.

Then later the next day, I went to get a free app from the amazon app store and it didn't work.

I went to the videos and it wouldn't even display them.

I tried to run Plants vs Zombies (the main game I didn't want to lose progress on, prompting this whole exercise) and it told me I must be logged into the app store.

Is there something on the backup I took that is tied to the old kindle fire?

(I took a backup of the new one stock root before doing anything else). I have not yet applied any roms, I like it fine with stock, the only reason I rooted was to do the backups.

Should this work fine?

After a reboot it looks like it is working again. But I don't see the superuser app I saw before either. Worried something is off a tad...