Sadly, as a Canadian, I made the mistake of buying a Kindle Fire and now can't access any apps, FREE or otherwise, from Amazon because I don't have a US credit card or address!! There was no caveat when I purchased the Kindle Fire, although it was shipped to a US box in Port Huron, Mi.

Anyway, my question is this, can I d/l apps anywhere else? Google play says it doesn't support Kindle; although when I search for Kindle Fire a bunch come up - but then I don't have the 'shopping' bag and can't find where to get it - if I can.

Has anyone any idea of how I can overcome these problems? I can d/l free books from or with no problem but can't even get adobe reader without US info.

I am just about ready to buy the mini IPad and get rid of the Kindle Fire!

Thanks for any suggestions.

Fran L