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    Default [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-24-56.jpg
    SMS Backup & Restore

    Your switching to a new device or you just want to save those important text conversations back and forth, you turn to SMS Backup & Restore. This application has been around now since I came onto the Android scene back over 3 years ago and is still in my opinion the best when it comes to accomplishing this task. The developer continually updates the app to stay in tune and even has provided contact & log reporting from within the app. The best part about the application is there is no need for rooting of your device!

    Main Screen

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-25-35.jpg

    As you can see from the shot above its a very plain and simple menu. No confusing options here

    Performing a Backup

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-53-28.jpg

    You are given two options. You can use the app's default location or pick one of your own. As seen in the picture it shows the set PATH.

    Setting your own Backup File Name

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-53-35.jpg

    Self explanatory, you can use the provided date/time stamp filename or create your own.

    Completed Backup Process

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-15-37-55.png

    You will get a completed screen showing the total number of messages/contacts saved and if there was any errors reported.

    Restore a Backup

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-54-14.jpg

    You will be shown the PATH and any backup's you have to choose from. More options are available, we will discuss this later.

    Basic Restore Options

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-54-25.jpg

    As shown you can restore everything on the file or you can choose a specific time frame to restore. Very handy.

    Duplicate Check Option during Restore

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-54-49.png

    This will do as it says and check for duplicates on restore. Helps keep your device neat and clean if your restoring over existing text messages.

    Completed Restore

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-16-07-42.png

    Just like performing a backup, on completion of restoring you will get a total count and if any failed during the process.

    Help, Preferences, Send a File, Contact Dev & Log Report " Menu "

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-55-33_2.png

    Entering this menu is done from the Main Screen, using your Menu key or the " 3 Dot " menu option in the upper right hand corner. We will focus on the Preferences option.


    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-55-41.png[GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-56-23.png

    [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-56-41.png[GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore-screenshot_2013-10-17-14-56-33.png

    Additional key preferences available such as option to backup to Google Drive, DropBox or Email a copy. There is also password protection to the files along with scheduled backup process. These are just a few of the options available.

    Overall the application does the job and does it very efficiently. With options like backup to Google Drive or Dropbox this makes things even easier when swapping devices or in the event of a factory reset and worrying about losing your backup. The program has come a long way since its creation and the developer keeps in touch with the latest things such as use of cloud or external site services. This program is free and even has an option to disable in-app advertisements! It is also available in a Pro version with extra goodies.

    Please note this app ONLY works for text ( SMS ) messages. MMS messages are NOT supported, most likely to avoid various media format conflicts if I had to guess.


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    Default Re: [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore

    Looks good.

    From a Sprint Moto X using AC forums app
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    Default Re: [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore

    This is great, I would add on a link to this app in the store
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    Default Re: [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore

    Quote Originally Posted by rdubmu View Post
    This is great, I would add on a link to this app in the store
    Link added
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    Default Re: [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore

    Just updated to support Android 4.4 KitKat.

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    Default Re: [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore

    Hey, Thanks for the great app. It's Wonderful ! ! !
    I have a problem in restoring my messages. Few days back i took backup of all my messages using this tool. i have around 5600 messages including duplicate messages. i took backup of all these messages using your tool. finally the total size was 368kb only and the file format is .xml as mentioned. when i tried to restore all those messages i got only 1122 messages got restored and that too old messages. i have messages from 2012 october to Till date in that backup file. i have tried to restore the messages using the date also, but still it's restoring only old messages only. could you please help me on this? I need all my messages back in my mobile. (Atleast the messages received or sent on 2014 i need current year messages) please let me know the solutions. I would really appreciate if you could help me on this.
    Mobile model : Samsung Galaxy S Duos GT-S5830i
    Android Version : 2.3.6
    Total # of messages 5638 (including duplicate messages).
    {Messages Restoring : 1122 messages only}
    Total File Size is : 368kb
    File type: 20141116134640.xml
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    Default Re: [GUIDE] SMS Backup & Restore

    I would also like to give an "Honorable Mention" for the other app:
    SMS Backup+.

    I had been using it since my first Android in 2012 and I love the easy way it works, integrating a new folder on the Gmail inbox so you can go back through old texts on a pc.

    My personal preference, but either way - judging by the increasing plea's for help on the forums -

    Have an SMS back up in place!

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