I own and love my Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 and Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2. (I have two because I first lost the 4.0. Then purchased the 4.2 as a replacement. Then found the 4.0).

These great Players were my introduction to Android, since I owned a flip phone up until my first Smartphone, the Nexus 4, arrived last week. Jellybean is wonderful. I realize that I might not be able to upgrade my SGPs to JB but I would like to go up a step or two from Gingerbread.

I was snapped at when I asked this in another forum on the WWW, so thought I would try here. I have learned a lot here at these AC Forums.
If it can or can't be done and it has been explained before please direct me to the link that I must have missed in my search.

I hope that I can upgrade them. The last time I tried to connect the SGP 4.0 to my PC and Kies, I got the error message that the Player wasn't compatible?! So I really will need the "Dummies" version of what to do -- if in fact an upgrade is even doable.

Thanks for reading.