Hi Guys,
I have a Motorola XT319 (android 2.3.4), which Im not able to find ANY rom or firmwares for (do you??).
I rooted the phone and started playing with the system apps. I mistachably moved the contacts.apk to the SD which made it unrecognisable and meesed up all the apps linked to contacts, also a sync error would pop up every two minutes, but the phone would still work.
I found what was an original 2.3.4 contact.apk which i pasted on the system app folder and rebooted the phone. Now it has entered a BOOTLOOP and I dont know how to delete this apk and restore it as before.
MAIN QUESTION: How can I explore the system folders (to delete the app) throught the computer (unable to boot the phone).
SECOND QUESTION: How can I restore, update, install, etc a contact.apk on my phone??