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    Default Google Play Store "No Connection error"

    there is a problem with my HTC Explorer from last night that i am unable to use Play store because of "No error Connection. I have done many trickes for example i have factory rest, delete hosts file, check by setting date n time auto and mannual but all these tricks are not useful for me. I havee also try to delete old email account, but now i am unable to enter new gmail account due to no error connection. I am using WIFI and it is works execpt Google play store.
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    Default Re: Google Play Store "No Connection error"

    facing same issue since last night, tried it on 3 different devices but same error appears - i think there is some thing wrong with the play store app
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    Default Re: Google Play Store "No Connection error"

    I m also facing the same problem since today morning ...plzz help me.i m using wifi connection,in fact all other network service is running but just google play store is giving an error of "No connection
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    Default Re: Google Play Store "No Connection error"

    - - - Updated - - - Hope this helps
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    Default Re: Google Play Store "No Connection error"

    If your device is rooted, or if your "recovery mode" otherwise gives you an option to "install from a zip file", reinstalling a Google Apps package (gapps-[BUILD DATE] compatible with your particular android declension will likely help. In those cases, you're a victim of a rogue auto-update that's not playing nice.

    Other than that there are the other "date fix", "play store force stop/cache clean", etc kinds of things that you can try and which are largely documented and google'able.

    Hope that can help!

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