Dear friends,

This is my first post as a newbie into the world of AndroidCentral.

This doesn't seems to be an uncommon issue among Samsung Galaxy (in my case Ace S2 Gingerbread not rooted) users, yet can't seem to find an answer elsewhere on Google.

Basically, for some time now, neither pinch-to-zoom nor volume buttons seem to have an effect on the zoom off any camera app (stock, FX Zoom) I've got on my mobile. The camera is unresponsive to pinch-to-zoom, whereas volume controls affect the ringtone volume.

Rebooting my device into safe mode and cleaning up the cache, as well as separately clearing each camera app's cache, wouldn't help. Note that on FX Zoom there's an option to associate volume controls to the zoom; yet, even so, zooming would be ineffective albeit seemingly recognised by the app.

Anybody out there with a similar experience and if so perhaps with a suggestion?

With many thanks in advance for any help!