I have the transform ultra and been having a lot of issues with it. I cant screen shot anymore with out a root, wifi constantly disconnecting since update, little things like that and they are really annoying me. I rooted a this model before but with a one click root that is no longer available. I switched to a htc evo but the screen shattered and had this spare ultra in the drawer that I am now stuck with. Tried odin, new version 4.43, and it couldn't find my phone. Put it in download mode, camera, vol down, power, but odin doesn't see it. Tried older version suggested on another forum, 1.85, and still doesn't see it. I have tried 10 different usb cords thinking that was the problem and nothing. Deleted and reinstalled odin programs, nothing. Computer sees it with the power on and plugged in so I don't think its my cords and it did update the samsung drivers when I plugged it in while it was on to enable debugging. At a loss. Someone help !