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    Default Folders in the App Drawer?

    Does anjuan know if Honeycomb will support having folders in the app drawer so we can clean that up?
    Would love to open the app drawer, tap the games icon and have all my games there.
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    That would be awesome. However, since I use ADW Ex or LP+, I wouldn't get those features. Might make it easier for those people to build it in though.
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    I hope they include this natively. That way, when Verizon loads crapware onto the XOOM, I cant throw it all into a folder titled "Useless" and hide it somewhere on the bottom.

    Did the same thing on my Blackberry Storm with Bloatware Icons and System Apps I never used. It was just about the only thing I liked about the Blackberry UI.
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    I actually never thought about folders in the app drawer, but that is a GREAT idea! That is the #1 thing I want to see in Honeycomb now, or whatever is after 3.0......
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    I hope they make it happens , although it won't manner if you are running a home launcher
    If they made it , they should do it right or not at all (iPhone-ish maybe , but not like Symbian's style)
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    FWIW, ADW Launcher already has something similar... You can create categories and add apps to these, then switch views from the main launcher to your custom categories (using arrows at the bottom, in the dock), you can even place shortcuts on your home screens that take you directly to any custom category... You also return to your last viewed category whenever you open the app launcher.

    If I've confused it, trust that it makes a lot more sense in person. I created a games category, a control panel of sorts for utilities related to phone functionality, and then a miscellaneous category for apps I use occasionally (travel apps, shopping apps, etc.). Check it out, it really simplifies the app drawer.

    Using four home screens (mostly filled with widgets) and those four categories, I pretty much never end up hunting around and scrolling for an app.

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