the problem happen from yesterday and i only had this sd card since dec when i got my phone.

1. first time it happens i format it though it must be some error.
2. once format was working fine and i started to download from google play again.. of of then
3. while downloading most of the apps back on sd card and moving few which was saved on internal drive.
4. it freeze up but return back.
5. then i when i wanted to add more i check the storage it seems my sc card was showing this -1.00b space and apps 300mb????
6. again and again it wanted to format but i want to save these apps rather then downloading each of them again.
7. i connected to desktop but once connected it asked this card to be formated.
8. i tried with the repartition software but was showing it as bad.
9. now after few shut down and finally show the free space i have but would not open any program or would not go to apps utility where i can remove them from.
10. also it is slow now.

what too do.