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    Default Always-on screensaver clock wanted. Daydream in ICS?


    I have an O2 Joggler with ICS 4.04 installed. For those that don't know, the Joggler is a sort of atom-powered smart picture frame. A number of different OSs can be installed on it and It is commonly used as a controller for Squeezebox (with an Ubuntu-based OS). It has no battery and is always plugged into the mains (so battery life is not an issue) and the screen is always on.

    I have two requirements for the ICS-powered Joggler:
    1. A Sonos remote control
    2. A full-screen clock that is activated automatically after a period of inactivity (e.g. 30 seconds).

    The first works fine now (thanks to the Houdini libraries) but I am struggling with the second.

    My Question
    What I would basically like to do is replicate the JB daydream functionality in ICS. (I also have a Nexus 7 and the daydream functionality works exactly as I need). To get back to the Sonos app, I just want to tap the screen (not slide to unlock).

    I have tried WidgetLocker, Daydream, ClockPlus DayDream but none offer quite the same functionality that I am after. I just want a clock screensaver that has a big enough font that is readable across the room. The trouble is, most are designed with battery-powered devices that go in your pocket and must be unlocked, not always-on devices that sit on a shelf.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Lightbulb Re: Always-on screensaver clock wanted. Daydream in ICS?

    There's a ClockView in Google Play as an Always on Clock.

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