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    Default SD Card problems with New Blu Vivo 4.65 HD

    Just bought 2 blu vivo 4.65 hd's like a week ago, for me and the mrs. Well for some reason today, my phone stopped recognizing any and all sd cards. have tried 3 sd cards, all of which her phone will read just fine. While mine, will not read a single one. It worked great, and never had a problem with anything until today. I have tried taking out, and leaving it out and phone off for a while, also tried factory restore like the company suggested. Hope somebody else can help me find solution so i dont have to send it in for who knows how long
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    Default Re: SD Card problems with New Blu Vivo 4.65 HD

    Welcome to Android Central David! A trick that often works is to cut a piece of a business card off and slip it in behind the SD card, to apply a little more pressure in the event the connectors aren't making contact. Not a quick solution, but part of triaging (and just flat out useful) this may be to get an OTG card carder.

    I know these may not seem like the best suggestions and hopefully you'll get some more.
    Live long and prosper.

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    Default Re: SD Card problems with New Blu Vivo 4.65 HD

    still no luck
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    Default Re: SD Card problems with New Blu Vivo 4.65 HD

    Hello David,
    I also recently bought a pair of BLU Vivo 4.65HDs for me and my wife, just like you did. I like the phone, but it's hard to find much posted about them except for an occasional gripe. Have you found a forum on AndroidCentral (or someplace else) where owners of BLU Vivos hand out? I'd like to be able to interact with other BLU Vido owners and share problem solutions, tips and tricks.
    Regards, Patrick Hill

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