Hello everyone,

My father has a older Sammy Galaxy S2 on the Sprint network running 4.0.4 android. The 4.0.4 was an update released by Sammy, the phone shipped with honeycomb I believe.

Anyway, while the phone was running honeycomb bluetooth function was working 100% with no issues re-connecting, waking phone from sleep, voice commands, etc.. It was only right after the 4.0.4 update that the bluetooth has started giving some trouble. Id like to know if there is a setting, or possibly a fix for this-

-Bluetooth will no longer wake up the phone when the phone is in a sleep or idle state. - Press connect button on BT piece and nothing happens.

I went through some of the setting within the phone, but did not see anything related to this in the BT menu. Any help, ideas are much appreciated!!

Phone info:
- Samsung Galaxy S2 (SPH-D710)
- Android Ver. 4.0.4
- Build IMM76I.FL24
- Kernal ver. 3.0.15-1173404
- HW D710.10