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    Default 4g on atrix hd won't work after update, please help!

    I just installed JB on my unlocked Atrix HD. Everything was going perfect until I realized that my 4g network isn't working. I can't get on the internet at all. It gives me this "server error" message, no matter what I do. I went to the point where I even did a factory reset. No help. I can text and the wifi works, but I can't get on the internet or do anything related to the internet without using the wifi. Anyone know how to fix this/is having the same problem?

    I've been trying to find a solution everywhere, since I REALLY REALLY need my internet connection once I leave my house.
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    Default Re: 4g on atrix hd won't work after update, please help!

    This is usually an "APN" issue. You'll have to go into your wireless settings and make sure there's proper data APNs set (google "AT&T data APN"). if you're having trouble on your own, you can always call or go into an AT&T store and have them re-configure it...

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