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    Default CDMA Text Splitting

    My phone will receive split texts, usually just too far apart. I'll get the first 160 characters, then the next 30 or 40 or whatever it may be up to a minute later. Any fix for this? Is there any way through any app to automatically turn a text of 160+ characters into an MMS message, or am I pretty much just stuck with this?
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    Default Re: CDMA Text Splitting

    It's a CDMA network thing. There's nothing you can do unless you're sending a text through Wi-Fi. (I think)
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    Default Re: CDMA Text Splitting

    Try using Handicent. I think you can set it to do MMS. I know lots of times it will ask me if I want to convert a message to MMS before I send something so I imagine you can set it beforehand as well. Also, the space between messages seems like a network issue. I often get message 2 before message 1. Go figure.

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