This is for people who don't know anything, like I didn't so they don't have to do a ton of research, like I did. I did a lot of research at various Android forums and put together some steps I would have to do in order to block the Jelly Bean update from my Verizon Droid 4 ICS phone. I like ICS, have my phone the way I want it and am used to it and don't want to deal with the new bugs in JB and I want to keep my wifi tether. So this is what I did, and thanks to a lot of other people who shared int the various forums that helped me to piece this together. I'm not an expert, not very knowledgeable at all. I just did a lot of reading of the various forums googling until I felt I had a plan put together. So please don't ask me for advice as I won't really be able to help. I just put together this list so others would have an idea of what is needed. If I find that something I did is messed up, I'll update this post and what I did to fix it.

1. I rooted my phone using OneClickRoot - There are 3 versions of this one click method. Use the website -

After I rooted, Using MyBackupPro - I froze the following system apps - Freeze Updater.apk Upgrader.apk FOTA.apk - You can use Titanium Backup Pro to Freeze too.

I Renamed These System Apps - BlurUpdater_VZW.apk to BlurUpdater_VZW.apk.bak.
Rename BlurUpdater_VZW.odex to BlurUpdater_VZW.odex.bak.
OTA updater lives in the file system, /system/etc/security/, I renamed it to otacerts.bak
And renamed BlurUpdater_VZW.lapk to BlurUpdater_VZW.bak - find it in
If the update has already downloded it will be here - /cashe - you can delete it

Somebody said to wipe the Davlik cache. I didn't, wasn't sure how to do that but so far, I haven't got the Verizon nag back to try to update me to Jelly Bean. If you want to wipe it, it islocated at /data/davlik-cache - after you wipe it your first boot will be really slow as it will have to rebuild itself. Or you can use Titaniup Backup Pro to just clean it which is probably safer.


Superuser - Grants Root Permissions - OTA Root Survival and Temporary Unroot - This should install as part of the one click root process

BusyBox - you have to have it for root, I don't know why or what it does but it should install as part of the one click process

RootValidator - Google Market - Validates if you have root and tells what you are missing if you it isn't right

Auto Flash - Market, Free - To Flash Zip Files - It automates flashing zip files so you don't have to boot into recovery and do it yourself and maybe mess up your phone. Nice tool

Nandroid Backup - Online Nandroid - Makes a complete image of your phone - Backsup so you don't have to boot into recovery to do it, Nice tool - Market

MyBackup Pro Market - Free & Pro - I have Pro - Back up system data and apps locally and online, Batch install, uninstall - Freeze Apps - System & Downloaded, I had this installed pre-root, pro version, and pleasantly surprised to find it does root things

Prop Modder - Market - If you have to modify your Build Prop File you may find Easy Tweeks with this -

SQL Lite Editor - Market, Free- If you have to manually Edit Build Prop file

VOODOO OTA ROOTKEEPER - Save Protected copy of Superuser for devices already rooted - can maybe restore root permissions after OTA Update , Also can do a Temp Unroot keeps backup

ES File Manager is a good file browser, there are several out there - Market, Free

Titanium Backup Pro - Backup all apps & System data & Schedule backups, Extract Nandroid Backup, Clean Davlik Cache(doesn't clear, just cleans unnessary entries) , Many other - use menu button to access all actions - Pay for this, you need the whole thing even if you don't know how to use it all.
All Features:

Rom Toolbox Features: - Market - Pay for this, its feature rich, lots of tools you want to have

Recovery Manager - Boots into recovery mode and you can install a Nandroid backup with it

GooManager - applies Custom Roms and updates them if you want to do custom Roms.