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    Question Facebook for Android!

    I've been wondering, unlike other OS, after updating a status on FB, it usually displays the name of the platform, but on Android, all I see is just...'via Mobile' instead of 'via Facebook for Android'

    On iOS, we have: 'via ios' or something like that.
    On windows phone, we have: 'via Facebook for Windows phone.
    On BlackBerry, we have: 'via Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones'

    So why can't a strong platform like Android, sort out their signature on the Facebook app?
    Not that it really matters though, but sometimes, you just wanna see that custom signature from Android.
    Hasn't it occurred to them, that they need to add this feature to one of their countless Facebook updates?
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    Default Re: Facebook for Android!

    I remember once upon a time that it actually did update as such. But then through one of Facebook's many facelifts throughout the years it disappeared. I'm nit sure if it's something on Facebook's end or Android's.

    I distinctly remember posting from my OG Droid and seeing that signature. Made me proud, so I understand where you're coming from. If anything it's marketing and getting the name out there which can only be a good thing.

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