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    Default Google play "unkown error code "-24"

    I'm having issues installing PlayerPro. I brought the full version a while back, then recently it disappeared and it refuses to reinstall. Every time I try I get "unknown error code "-24". I've tried to look up this code and haven't found a single bit of information on it. I have emailed the dev more than 5 times and have received no response even after a 1 star rating due to ignoring my issue. This is a $5 app, so it's pretty disappointing that I can't even use it. Please help!

    Droid bionic rooted on 4.1.2 JB
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    Default Re: Google play "unkown error code "-24"

    In the data/data folder on your device, see if there is a previous version of the application.

    I'd so, delete the entry, and reinstall the application.

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    Default Re: Google play "unkown error code "-24"

    Any idea what that code means? I'd like to know just to know haha. There's no residual files except for add ons that are installed separately. I know people are gonna suggest a factory reset, but that's more trouble than it's worth honestly. I despise factory resets.
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    That error code is usually generated, when the device in question will not accept the certificates required to download the application.

    Have you looked for an .apk file of the application, online, and tried to install that?

    If that does not work, go into your applications tab, and clear the cache and data in the Google services framework application, and uninstall updates and clear the data on the play store application, as well.

    (Note: you will have to sign in again, to the Google play store, but you will not lose any purchases. If you find your downgraded below 4.16 on the Play Store (the new update), don't with, as the market auto updates itself)

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    Default Re: Google play "unkown error code "-24"

    Yeah I snagged an apk off blackmart also and that won't install either. I've cleared any remnants of the old file, cleared all my caches too. It's the only app I've ever seen this happen with.

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    Default Re: Google play "unkown error code "-24"

    Same problem here but I made the mistake of uninstalling it first then trying to reinstall thinking it would work but now it wont even install

    How do you clear the data if its not installed?
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    Default Re: Google play "unkown error code "-24"

    This happened to me today after I switched to ART and then went back to Davlik because I wanted to use Whatsapp, which did not work with Kit-kat. When I tried to reinstall Whatsapp, I kept getting error message 24. I have not seen anybody mention this online and I have been looking all day.

    I decided to go to settings, apps, download manager and clear data.

    After this, I tried to download Whatsapp once again and it finally worked.

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