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    Default major problems with iCraig CLP285

    I have a 3 month old iCraig CLP285 Netbook with Android 4.1 that I really like.
    Suddenly, it will not boot up. Finally got it started and there were major changes: all my email was gone as was data stored in Notebook app. My desktop photo was gone, but when I click on the album that contains the photo I want, it sends me back to the app page. Also, all my photos seem to have uploaded into Dropbox as a Camera Upload, even though I did not do it.
    And, altho WiFi was turned on - it did not show this on the notification area.
    Later that night when I tried to use my PC, the DSL had to be rebooted. Never had to do THAT in 5 years!
    After much reading and about 6 attempts to start the unit, I got in and went to System recovery and did a factory reset. Little Andy had a blue gizmo twirling in his stomach, then it said it was going to reboot. After 15 minutes, screen was still scrolling green through Jelly Bean so I hit reset button on bottom of unit. It went into recovery mode again and now shows Andy on his back with a red triangle and exclamation point.
    This is a Netbook - not a tablet or phone. I do NOT have vol up, vol down buttons.
    Any suggestions?
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    Default problems with iCraig CLP285

    It seems to be a system launch issue - I have reset the unit, done a factory reset on the one time it actually started up for me, and a firmware installation which was not acknowledged by the unit. Nothing has worked. In all cases, all I get is Andy Android standing there. Any one know ehat causes this issue and how to correct?
    Oh yes, about 3 weeks into owning the little devil, I started having problems with the Power On button - it would take 10 to 12 tries to power the unit on. The screen stayed black, and all of a sudden,it would start up. Major difference now is that the screen does not stay black. Andy shows up and just stands there. Forever. Not doing anything. Just stands there.
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    Default Re: major problems with iCraig CLP285

    My unit did the same thing - visit the Craig website:

    Download the new firmware and follow instructions for upgrade... worked for me! Good Luck!
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    Default Re: major problems with iCraig CLP285

    Having a similar problem. I followed the link given but there's no info in that page. Where did you find the firmware?
    Thank you.
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    Default Re: major problems with iCraig CLP285

    I have the same problem...jellybean logo just stays on screen...nothing happens
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    Default Re: major problems with iCraig CLP285

    I am experiencing the same problem. Jellybean Android just stands there. I can't get it to do anything. I have reset, rebooted, restarted and nothing. Just got it.
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    Default Re: major problems with iCraig CLP285

    This is a Software to hardware conflict, as none of these stall problems would happen to Android Ice cream sandwich, the platform expects a touch screen, as much of jelly bean is prioritized to a touch screen. If you could downgrade Most of these would be solved.-(

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