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    Default Tethering problem

    Hi guys John here bet you’ve heard all this a few times before but yet another newbie seeking your advice please.

    Problem of trying to tether for the first time. Having a laptop for xmas and want to tether to my mobile phone for light use when out and about.

    I tried it today just to see if it would work with my standalone P.C. Turning the phone into a wifi hotspot was easy enough and my wifi software on the pc found the phone and said it was connected with a strong signal but wouldn’t actually connect to the net.

    It said I have limited access. Currently on o2 and do have some data allowance.

    I normally connect with a BT hub at home to the p.c. but switched this off for the trial.

    Did a bit of searching and found that my phone (Huawei Ascend Y300) does not support DC-HSDPA.

    Is this the problem? that its only capable of 7.2mbps or should it still connect all be it slow.

    Hope someone has the answer for me.
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    Default Re: Tethering problem

    No help in here. Time to look elsewhere.

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