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    Default my phone keeps turning on after falling in water

    IMPORTANTTT!!!first, i will apologise for my bad english... so yeah i have samsung galaxy s3 mini.and like today my phone fell in water... first everything was ok, but then when i locked it, it will automaticly turn on... i tried everything, like buy a new battery, factory reseted it, deleted all the apps but it didnt work.... so the problem is: i always have screen timeout on 15 seconds... and when i LOCK my phone, it actually turns it back on on the lock screen. like before it would do that if i pressed any button on phone, but now it does it automatic. and its very annoying because i cant even sleep without my phone blinking all the time(i have my phone near the bed because of the alarm clock)... please respond if you know any of the solutions (((
    and once again, excuse me for my bad english... PLEASE RESPOND FASTTTTT
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    Default Re: my phone keeps turning on after falling in water

    Go some near mobile store now if you want to save your mobile. Do not start your mobile again and again you lost your mobile permanently.

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