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    Default Emailed Photos Partially Loading Intermittently.

    I take a photo, view it in the gallery. It looks good.

    I select share via email, it sends, the photo attachment in the subsequent email loads from the top and quits at some point.

    Usually happens while at events where cell service is congested.

    Any help on a fix or a workaround would be helpful.

    Android 4.1.2
    Motorola RAZR M
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    Default Re: Emailed Photos Partially Loading Intermittently.

    Usually happens while at events where cell service is congested.
    I think you diagnosed your own problem. Seems the email gets through with only a part of the image. What email program/service are you using. Your only option may be to save them as drafts and then send them when you have a strong signal or wifi.
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