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    Default Disable Messaging lock screen widget

    Hello all!
    I'm on a Samsung G3 and just updated to 4.3. Enjoying it for the most part but the new lock screen is giving me some trouble. I preferred the one from 4.1 but I'm trying to adapt. Downloaded DashClock and added weather, email, and SMS extensions but I keep getting the stock Messaging widget popping up when I get a message (see image). I do want my phone to vibrate and the screen to turn on when I get a message, I just don't want to deal with the extra widgets.

    DashClock is my default widget (got rid of the standard one and dragged DashClock to the right). Is there a way to disable all these extra widgets?

    By the way, I did try disabling multiple widgets in the settings after setting DashClock to be my default and it kicked DashClock out and reverted back to the stock lock screen.

    Disable Messaging lock screen widget-2013-12-08-03.43.29.png
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    Default Re: Disable Messaging lock screen widget

    Closest thing I found was to install Lockscreen Policy, an app created to disable widgets and/or camera access from the lock screen. But there's some debate if it works with Samsung's Touchwiz UI, and I think it disables all widgets. Figured I'd pass it along in case it works for you.
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    Default Re: Disable Messaging lock screen widget

    Lockscreen Policy works for me, it returns the unit to what it was before the 4.3 updates on my previous S3, now all I get is the tiny little icon notification.

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