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    Default MMS Notification Stuck

    Hi all, first time poster. I have an LG Optimus F6, around 1.5 months old, not rooted. The phone was working perfectly until today, when I received a multiple recipient text message from a friend. I'm running Android 4.1.2, and the stock Messaging app. There are very few apps on my phone; I like to run it as clean as possible.

    The problem is, now my phone's MMS Notification Icon, in the upper left corner, simply won't go away. On the pulldown slider, I see a New MMS message from my friend. When I click it here, it opens up a blank text message (to Compose a new text message). Or, when I click "Clear" from the pulldown slider, the upper-left MMS Notification Icon disappears for second, then reappears.

    Some more facts:
    -The phone's physical LED light continues to flash too, to signal a new text has arrived.
    -I've deleted all my text messages, and the MMS Notification Icon keeps reappearing in the upper left corner.
    -I've cleared Data and Cache from the Messaging App. Didn't fix.
    -I've reset the phone, powered on/off, and removed the battery. Didn't fix.
    -I've set the "Validity Period" on Multimedia Messages to ONE HOUR. Didn't fix.
    -Strangely, my friend's message was a multi-recipient text, not an MMS, but my phone seems to think it's an MMS.
    -Worst of all, I can't turn my phone's screen off, because the MMS Notification immediately wakes up the phone again, and the LED flashes. My battery is getting eaten alive.
    I called my service provider, who say it's not a server side issue. They want me to bring the phone in to one of their stores, to see if they can fix, but I thought I'd ask here first.

    The only thing I can do is turn all text Notifications OFF, otherwise my phone's screen keeps lighting up with what it believes is the arrival of a new MMS. But text messages without any notifications are next to useless!

    Can anyone help? This is obviously some kind of glitch and it's driving me nuts.
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    Default Re: MMS Notification Stuck

    I think I solved it myself. I downloaded an app called "Clear All SMS & MMS," and that seems to have done the trick.
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    Default Re: MMS Notification Stuck

    I've had the same problem and it's been driving me crazy and eating my battery for days. Thank you thank you thank you!
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    Default Re: MMS Notification Stuck

    My sister just had the same issue with an incoming picture message seemingly stuck, but opened up to a compose message. While googling the issue, she realized that she had recently downloaded the new craigslist app. As soon as she uninstalled that app, the message went away.

    Update: And the issue has returned, so apparently it was not a craigslist app issue.
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    Default Re: MMS Notification Stuck

    Quick Question, if & when you uninstall the app, did the problem re-appear? I just downloaded it & cleaned messages. My phone has been doing the exact same thing since yesterday.

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