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    Default why am i not getting the android 4.3 update ???

    this is my firmware,and i am currently living at china and i bought this phone at i want to update but i cant find update via OTA or kies,it says 'this is the latest update'....but my version is still 4.12....

    GT-I9300 Galaxy S3
    PDA: I9300ZNEMD2
    CSC: I9300CHUEMD2
    MODEM: I9300ZNEMA1
    Added: 2013-04-14

    what should i do ?
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    Default Re: why am i not getting the android 4.3 update ???

    Welcome to the forums!

    Give the device a reboot then try hitting system update on the device and/or checking via Kies. Also, considering shutting Kies down and rebooting the computer. I'm not sure why it wouldn't update from Kies, but it could be an issue with region.

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