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    Default Battlefield 4 Commander App

    Hi guys,

    Just recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900T) running on 4.3 and was really looking forward to trying out the commander app on Battlefield 4. Unfortunately when checking out the Google Play store, it says my device is incompatible with this app and when I access the store on my phone, I don't even see the app. I contacted EA customer service regarding this and they didn't seem to have a workaround and implied it may take some time for this issue to be resolved. But they did steer me in the direction of this community who they described as wizards lol
    I was hoping someone here with the same issue might be able to help me out. Would really appreciate some help.

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    Default Re: Battlefield 4 Commander App

    Welcome to Android Central
    Unfortunately, if the app is incompatible, we can't help you with any workaround for downloading it
    Everything in this post is 100% accurate...I think

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