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    Default So I have an S4

    I received an S4 as a replacement for an S3 that had serious reception issues; on face value it appeared to be an improvement, however there are some things I cannot modify that are beyond annoying.
    1. The new pop up text and missed call notifications on the lock screen, I can change the preview of the text message, however the missed call still identifies the caller, call me quirky but what is the purpose of a lock screen, was I under the mistaken assumption that it was in fact privacy? .

    Fixed the Above with the app

    Lockscreen Policy

    Free and the unit acts like my S3 before 4.3, only the tiny little message icon

    2. The new white screen / black font, are you serious? Without an option to change the screen to a black background? now the phone dialer and the contacts screen illuminate the room, and even though I can change the background of the text message screen the typing screen is now also bright white, the real issue is in a dark environment it lights up half a room like a flashlight, this is incredibly annoying in places like a movie theatre or a club when suddenly you have a beacon on your face, and it is extremely hard to read when it is dark, and the adjust the luminosity option renders everything else useless.

    Still zero stock options or apps that I can find, the white screens are annoying.
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