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    Default Lenovo A850 Cell Phone

    Hello everyone,

    My girlfriend has a Lenovo A 850 cell phone.

    By mistake she pressed 2 buttons at the same time (she thinks it was the power button + volume button)

    Now all the text is in Chinese - written on a black background with a blue top part of the screen.

    How can she make a "hard" reset of the phone?

    We cannot really find anything in the Internet about that subject, only one website that mentioned, that we have to

    - Turn off phone
    - Press "power-button" and "volume-up"

    at the same time.

    But still everything is in Chinese

    Thx in advance for your comments
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    Default Re: Lenovo A850 Cell Phone

    Welcome to Android Central! I can't find anything on the web about the correct procedure for that phone, but you could try using Google Translate on another device to take a picture of that Chinese menu, and see if it can translate it adequately.

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