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    Default Changing the default voice dialer on Android

    I have an LG G2 and I am using a pair of LG Tones. Whenever I click the Hands-Free button it automatically launches the Android voice dialer. It is slow, unaccurate, and obnoxious. I can use my Tones along with other voice assistant apps but I cannot change the app that is automatically launched after clicking the Hands-Free button. After all, that's why I have the Tones. I wanted to know if there was a way to substitute the default Android dialer.

    Other info:

    Clearing the defaults is not an option. It came as the default.

    Disabling the voice dialer makes the Hands-Free button do nothing. (Interstingly enough, when trying to use my play/pause button it also wouldn't work. The other functions like volume and forward and previous track may also not have worked but I don't know I didn't try. After re-enabling the voice dialer all functions resumed functioning.)

    Conclusion: I you guys could help me this wuld be so beneficial. I love my phone and my tones but this Voice Dialer is horrendous. Even on my S4, the default is S Voice which is even better than this. Anyway. Thanks for the help guys.
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    Default Re: Changing the default voice dialer on Android

    Looking for the answer also... Voice Dialer is horrible. I say "Open Calendar" (as its listed as one of the option) and it dials a random contact (usually my mother)

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