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    Default Android 4.2.2

    " Avoided poor internet connection" when trying to connect my phone to my home WiFi... Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Android 4.2.2

    Quote Originally Posted by theguyfromhell2 View Post
    " Avoided poor internet connection" when trying to connect my phone to my home WiFi... Any suggestions?
    Go to Settings>WiFi>Menu>Advanced>uncheck avoid poor wifi connections, and try again.

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    Default Re: Android 4.2.2

    1) on your phone, go to your wifi. long press on your home network, and "forget network"
    2) unplug router+modem. leave unplugged for a minute
    3) plug in modem. let it boot up and aquire a connection -- about a minute or 2
    4) plug in router. again, let it boot up and connect with modem. another minute or 2
    5) grab your phone and reconnect to your home network. (you may have to scan for networks to see it again)

    Also under wifi advanced settings, you may want to play with the "avoid poor connections" and "optimize battery life" settings. (I have avoid poor connections and optimize battery life settings toggled ON)

    I run into this problem a lot on my Galaxy Nexus. seems its been happening a lot more on 4.3 and 4.2 then it ever did on 4.1 and previous. This seems to be the only solution that allows me to keep a stable connection
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