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    Default Need help picking a new go phone

    I currently have an Avail gophone. It has served me well (kind of) but I now want to upgrade to a phone with a bigger screen. The Avail has a 3.5" screen and I want something with at least a 4.5" screen. I don't want to pay over $25 a month for a plan, it's the reason I'm on a gophone. Problem is with gophones the options are really restricted. The only gophone I've seen with a 4.5" screen is the Z998. Looks good to me with the exception of only having 512 mb of internal memory. That's exactly what my Avail has which really sucks. Out of that 512 mb, only about 160 mb is for internal storage. Looks like with the Z998 I'm going to be stuck with the same thing.

    I would love to hear if there is anything else out there that would give me more than what I explained above. All help appreciated. Thanks
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    Default Re: Need help picking a new go phone

    I assume you are talking about AT&T. Why don't you just buy your own phone and then use your AT&T SIM card?
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    Default Re: Need help picking a new go phone

    is the correct Z998 you are talking about, it says it has 4Gb internal memory, with the reviews saying about 2Gb is left for the user, it also has a MicroSD card slot, so you can easily pick one up to expand the memory. If you can budget it, you could also just get the Nexus 5.

    Edit: Ugh, now I feel stupid. Of course, there is the Moto G as well, not sure if they are offering it through the Go Phone program, but if not, $199.99 for the 16Gb model (through Motorola, Amazon, etc), and that is 16Gb of storage, 1Gb Ram, and a Quad core Snapdragon 400, all on an unlocked GSM device that you can use on AT&T, T Mobile, and any MVNO that is using there networks. Android Central Review of Moto G

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