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    Default Battery drain?

    My HTC One running software version 4.3 loses battery life at about 1% per minute when in use. This just started occurring recently. When I'm using it I'm mostly messaging or browsing facebook/other apps which used to work fine. I have battery saver on and also applied some other tips I read about to preserve battery life. When I check battery usage it says the android system is using 93% of the battery. Is there a way to reload the software or go back to an older version?

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    Default Re: Battery drain?

    A couple of things you can try:

    1. Do a system cache partition wipe, which can sometimes clear out an old piece of data stuck in the system cache that is messing things up (how about that for a highly technical explanation?). You won't lose any personal data or settings.

    2. Install a good battery monitor app like to get a more detailed breakdown of battery usage.

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