Hello I just got my new T-Mobile galaxy s4 from insurance a few weeks ago (first one got stolen). I updated to 4.3 shortly after. Everything was good at first but lately I've been having major problems

◎Wifi keeps switching to 4g when phone locks
◎security notice keeps popping up every time the WiFi reconnects

Now before joining AC I tried the disable Knox method for the security notice because I thought that was making my WiFi buggy. But it only brings a larger problem. If I disable the Knox thing my phone :

◎has incredibly slow lag on lock screen. When i say incredible i mean VERY PAINFULLY slow.
◎the notifications bar looks solid when having lock screen lag
◎the WiFi won't automatically reconnect
◎the WiFi will turn off every few minutes without my knowledge and drains my data plan

After I restart the knox thing comes back and the lag goes away (I guess???)
Please someone help me. I'm scared that my phone will stay like this forever. Does anyone know if Samsung is making a fix? Or when kit Kat will come to non Google play edition devices?

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