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    Default Need help understanding bluetooth functionality.

    Hey everyone,

    So I got my first bluetooth headset (Klipsch headphones) and after a few tries it was able to connect, and works great. Now, my friend called me on Skype on my phone (skype to skype) and not sure if it would work. I answered, we spoke for those 5 seconds, then it stopped (switching the call back to my phone's audio) and prompted me for a password, which is 0000 for the headset. As I was entering it, the password screen vanished... I wasn't able to enter it and since then I can't get that screen to pop up again, my headset won't work for skype since then. I click on the skype's bluetooth button, and nothing happens. So questions..

    1. Why would the window for the password disappear as I'm entering it.
    2. Why can't I get it to come back?
    3. Why doesn't my phone have settings for passwords in advance?
    4. Why would Skype trigger the password if the initial setup to my phone didn't? It took a few tries to connect properly my new headphone/set, but never asked me for a password.

    Sorry, It's my first time using bluetooth at all.

    I figured these questions were more related to the os since it's the os asking for the password and not skype right?

    Any help would be fine.. I know it can work since we spoke for a few seconds no problem. But it's like my phone suddenly decided "...No...."

    Edit: A few tries later, one of my calls worked fine on my headset for over 15 mins, I lost the connection, then it wouldn't work again....sigh
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