I have just purchased a Sony Xperia Z10.1 tablet Originally using Android 4.2 but upgraded now to 4.3
I had hoped that my problem would be solved with the upgrade but no so.
When connecting to mobile date I get the error message ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED. This does not occur when using WiFi
I read up on this on the web and apparently it is not uncommon and been apparent in Google products for several years but there does not appear to be a definitive fix for this.
It actually occurs intermittently in all operating systems using Chrome but appears to be related to the port settings in the operating system or rather Chromes acceptance of a single port for communications- Port 443 - I presume that the same port is relevant for all communications from apps in Android using mobile date as I get no connections to anything
I would like to know how I get to the network protoculs to adjust port settings in Android or better a way that this can be resolved without the need to experiment