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    Default How do I boot into recovery on my prestigio multipad 8.0 HD?

    I have prestigio multipad 8.0 HD and when i start device, its stucks on boot screen. BUT when i press power button + volume up to start recovery doesnt open! How can i fix it? And can i stop stucks in future, couse it hapends to me ~1 time in month, but its first time that recovery doesnt show of..

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    And it has Android 4.2.2 (i thing)... Please help...:\
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    Default Re: How do I boot into recovery on my prestigio multipad 8.0 HD?

    Welcome to Android Central! From what I can tell in this Russian YouTube video, it looks like you have to press abd hold the Power and Vol Up buttons until it powers on, then release the Power button while still keeping the Vol Up button down. Keep Vol Up pressed until the Recovery menu appears.

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