hey guys, im kina in a crack here and hoping you all can help me out of it. here's what happened....

my end goal was to have 4.3 on my note 8.0. i was running 4.2.2 unrooted at the time. i was trying to root my tablet so i could install the cm11 nightly. needless to say i didnt get that far. i tried rooting with the note 8.0 toolkit and after it was done my screen just goes black after the samesung logo. i have rooted it before when it was 4.1.2 and it worked fine. but when the 4.2.2 came out on kies i updated to that. i have tried pulling the battery and it did not help any. i can get to recovery but not too sure what to do once im in there. im pretty new at this as you can tell.

if any more info is needed please ask and i will tell you what i can. any help would be greatly appreciated.

please help thank you.