Greetings! I has a Galaxy S4. I'm trying to nail the root of some semi-recent problems one at a time.
I suspect the problems are related.
Symptoms: when I'm at home, it doesn't update anything over WiFi. I've looked through my settings and nothing stands out why stuff shouldn't do so and I can recieve calls from Wifi. I however, can't consistantly place calls over WiFi. This happens both using the normal standard phone, "now" or W/e Google calls the voice-to-lots of stuff things is called these days.
Also when using Google Maps it's more than willing to tell me how if I had WiFi turned on it'd be more precise or some such. That part, however, is not new.
What is new, is that I can't consistantly place calls over it, and Its not till i'm outside away from my WiFi. 9 times out of 10 I get them. Especially when I am driving I get
This leads me to think something isn't talking to something else.

As I say I suspect issue that's related to a bunch of different things. I'm not entierely clear where to start pinning it down though.