Hi All,

hope this is in the right place ....

have some podcasts on my computer that play audio fine (both left and right sides)
have podcasts on phone that i get via podkicker which play fine left and right sides
have audio on phone that plays fine left and right sides

the podcasts from my computer that i put into a folder on my SD card play solid on the left but intermittenet on the right headphone, almost as if the cable was dieing or the headphone socket was on the way out, but it cant be that because it plays crystal clear hour after hour with the podcasts that i download through the app.

took a copy of the files back from the phone to another location on my computer to see if the phone had corrupted the files in some way when saving them but again they play absolutely fine on the computer.

what the?!??! any advice ?!??!

(note the audio problem with these specific files happens if i play the files through a podcast app, or the built in audio player, or vlc app)