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    Default Sony Xperia SP problems.

    I recently upgraded my phone to Jelly Bean 4.3 and now my phone is very slow and keeps crashing, will the latest software version 4.4 KitKat resolve this issue or is there any way of returning my phone to previous version? I have tried factory reset on the phone and via the computer both with no luck :-(
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    Default Re: Sony Xperia SP problems.

    I also have the same problem. My phone has gone from being pretty quick to cripplingly slow. Sometimes the screen doesn't even update fast enough in order for me to answer a call. Sometimes when I try to unlock the phone it can take 10-15 seconds to respond. It's truly maddening. I've found that uninstalling the Chrome updates and disabling it completely in the app settings can help a bit, but it doesn't solve it completely. I'm considering rooting my phone and installing a custom ROM, but am not sure how to do it and I'm worried about bricking my phone, which is only 3 months old.
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    Default Re: Sony Xperia SP problems.

    Do it. I installed custom ROM (Slimkat 4.4.2) and while the experience is not as good, it didn't lag at all and no freezes.
    Now that I am back on the Stock ROM (and relock my bootloader, which seems stupid), I am just frustrated with the performance - It's just terrible.

    RAM management is horrible, but if you stick to the 4.3 stock rom, don't close any apps on the recent list. That way your phone will be a bit faster (because it doesn't have to load everything again and the RAM was supposed to be filled fully)

    And if you want to install custom roms, find one that supports the stock kernel. Otherwise, slow charging and overheat will be common.
    Speaking from experiences here.

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    Default Re: Sony Xperia SP problems.

    Same Problem

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